Friday, August 8, 2008

Peace Love & Shopping

I just watched the most anxiety filled episode of MTV'S "True Life" show. It was True Life: I'm a compulsive shopper. I am nooooo where near the shopaholics that these girls are, but the things they were buying and the way the talked about shopping giving them a rush was SO familiar to me.
Like I said in the blog before, I will get these ideas of something I want in my head and until I get it, the thought just CONSUMES me, I think about it constantly. Whether it's a CD, a dress, a type of shoe, etc. I just can't think about anything else. And I will get anxious the night before a day of shopping to where it takes me a long time to go to sleep. But I'm a very thrifty shopper. The only reason I would pay more than $15.00 for a shirt is if it's Abercrombie or Hollister. I can deal with the expensive stuff if it's a Label. But that's pretty much the most expensive stores I shop in. I'm a bargain queen, I get a rush from finding stuff really cheap! And I LOOOVE shoes but I'm very thrifty when it comes to those too. Most of the time I'm just a window shopper. I can have a great day shopping by just LOOKING at stuff and only buying maybe one little thing. I love to browse and see what's new, it's so exciting. So maybe that's where I have my addiction under control. So that's a good thing. But lemme tell you watching that show gave me such anxiety, I wanted to go shop right then and there!!!! These girls were over $10,000+ in debt. One girl had all of her furniture repossessed. So sad! But anyway, you should really watch that episode, it was really good. Well that's it for today, I'm going shopping tomorrow................. ;)

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